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    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in. Let it come in. We think we don’t deserve love, we think if we let it in we’ll become too soft. But a wise man named Levin said it right. He said, ‘Love is the only rational act.’”

    — Mitch Albom, from Tuesdays with Morrie

    Two revelers kiss each other covered in tomato pulp while participating the annual Tomatina festival in Bunol, Spain. (Photo by David Ramos / Getty Images)



  3. It was the fourth day of July

    Looked in my eyes and saw that I

    I wanted more than just a man 

    I needed a friend 

    Someone I can talk to 

    Someone who’ll really listen 

    When you touched my hand 

    The sun got brighter then 

    Trusting you I closed my eyes

    And felt our love begin


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    " Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering, as though something strange were happening to you. But rejoice that you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when His glory is revealed" (1 Peter 4:12-13, NIV).

    It’s one thing to know that you’re going into a challenging season. You get prepared for it. You get mentally ready. But what about the difficulties that we don’t see coming? The unexpected crisis that catches us off-guard? Sometimes, it can seem so overwhelming that it almost knocks the wind right out of us. 

    The Scripture says that we shouldn’t be surprised by fiery trials. That’s because the forces of darkness would not be fighting against you if they didn’t know that God has something amazing in your future! Sometimes, those unexpected difficulties are just a sign that you’re on the right track. It’s always darkest just before the dawn appears. The enemy always fights the hardest when you are closest to your breakthrough. The key is to stay the course and keep fighting the good fight of faith. Keep your joy and keep declaring God’s Word over your future. God has promised that you will overcome every obstacle. You will defeat every enemy, and right now, I declare that you will fulfill your destiny in Jesus’ name!

    Devil you can’t stop this -TD JAKES

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  5. My God is still good
    with no access to any of my finances whatsoever
    wanting to punch the face of whoever took that from me
    I have faith Father
    that no weapon forged by the enemy will be used against me
    even in the dark valleys I traverse
    even in the midst of sins of others and my own
    You are at my side with rod and staff
    Your grace and mercy are endless
    You are the Almighty Father
    and I declare it
    I seal it upon my heart, Lord
    that nothing shall break my faith in You
    that despite all my faults and shortcomings
    I am not short of Your love
    You are bigger than money and problems and strife
    My God I remain praising you
    May your justice be done by your will.


  6. You know when I rise and when I fall
    and clinging to the rock 
    sometimes a slippery slope
    sometimes a craggy ledge
    but with hands raw and knees scraped
    I will cling and I will climb,
    I Your branches, and You my vine
    And though waves break before me
    though the sun beat my brow
    though the hurling wind push and shove
    Let my eyes be forever cast unto You
    And should my fingers lose grip and my feet lose their hold
    I shall fall into Your ocean of grace 
    and swim back to the shore
    Where You’ll walk with me along the sand
    And I’ll cling to the rock and climb again.

  7. This doesn’t really sit too well with me. While I believe that we should seek God at all times, in times of desperation and in times of blessing, I find it difficult to accept this portrayal of a god who would purposefully keep his beloved children in a state of desperation just to have a connection with them. Seems rather petty behavior for an Almighty God.

    Hear me out. Say I only talked to my parents whenever I needed money, would they try to manipulate circumstances to keep me reliant on them for money so that we’d maintain some sort of relationship? I think you would all agree that’s kind of messed up for parents. So if my earthly parents wouldn’t even do that to me, why would my Heavenly Father?

    I know that God is a personal God who truly seeks a relationship with us, and He’s above attitudes that we think are typical in others. While maybe we can expect others to manipulate us to become reliant on them, God doesn’t do that. He just asks to be a part of our lives. And even when we reject Him, He’s still there, and I don’t think we can even begin to fathom how great is His love. 

    I really don’t know where this excerpt came from, and I apologize to whoever wrote it, if they should ever come across my blog and read this. I just think God is so much greater than that depicted here.

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  8. Psalm 119

    So lately I’ve been trying this thing called self-control. Where in the past I’d just throw myself into what I’m feeling, now I just really don’t want distractions from chasing after God. 

    Ok, I’ll just come right out and say it. I’ve been kinda crushin’ on someone, teehee. I’ve been able to keep the hormones at bay most of the time, but lately I’ve been having dreams, certain images by others when being prayed for, and other coincidences that I’m weary to associate them with certain someone because the devil knows my weaknesses as much as God does. And even if yeah he is a pretty Godly man, I’m hesitant to act on these things because the situation is possibly being used against me by the enemy to distract me from my walk with God. And at this point I’m keeping my eyes on the prize, and if He sees fit to place someone beside me while I’m running to Him then so be it. But let my eyes be forever focused on the Lord. 

    Yesterday afternoon (I had slept most of my day), I prayed as I was waking up for more discernment from things of the enemy and things of the Lord. I also prayed for a verse to strengthen me in following his way. I don’t know every verse in the Bible, so when God told me “Psalm 119,” I was pleasantly surprised. Psalm 119 is really long, so here are a few that stood out to me:

    How can young people keep their way pure?
    By guarding it according to your word.
    With my whole heart I seek you;
        do not let me stray from your commandments.
    I treasure your word in my heart,
        so that I may not sin against you.
    Blessed are you, O Lord;
        teach me your statutes.
    With my lips I declare
        all the ordinances of your mouth.
    I delight in the way of your decrees
        as much as in all riches.
    I will meditate on your precepts,
        and fix my eyes on your ways.
    I will delight in your statutes;
        I will not forget your word



    Teach me, O Lord, the way of your statutes,
        and I will observe it to the end.
    Give me understanding, that I may keep your law
        and observe it with my whole heart.
    Lead me in the path of your commandments,
        for I delight in it.
    Turn my heart to your decrees,
        and not to selfish gain.
    Turn my eyes from looking at vanities;
        give me life in your ways.
    Confirm to your servant your promise,
        which is for those who fear you.
    Turn away the disgrace that I dread,
        for your ordinances are good.
    See, I have longed for your precepts;
        in your righteousness give me life.

                            Psalm 119:33-40


    You have dealt well with your servant,
        O Lord, according to your word.
    Teach me good judgment and knowledge,
        for I believe in your commandments.
    Before I was humbled I went astray,
        but now I keep your word.
    You are good and do good;
        teach me your statutes.
    The arrogant smear me with lies,
        but with my whole heart I keep your precepts.
    Their hearts are fat and gross,
        but I delight in your law.
    It is good for me that I was humbled,
        so that I might learn your statutes.
    The law of your mouth is better to me
        than thousands of gold and silver pieces.

                                        Psalm 119:65-72


    Your word is a lamp to my feet
        and a light to my path.
    I have sworn an oath and confirmed it,
        to observe your righteous ordinances.
    I am severely afflicted;
        give me life, O Lord, according to your word.
    Accept my offerings of praise, O Lord,
        and teach me your ordinances.
    I hold my life in my hand continually,
        but I do not forget your law.
    The wicked have laid a snare for me,
        but I do not stray from your precepts.
    Your decrees are my heritage forever;
        they are the joy of my heart.
    I incline my heart to perform your statutes
        forever, to the end.

                                        Psalm 119:105-112


    Let my cry come before you, O Lord;
        give me understanding according to your word.
    Let my supplication come before you;
        deliver me according to your promise.
    My lips will pour forth praise,
        because you teach me your statutes.
    My tongue will sing of your promise,
        for all your commandments are right.
    Let your hand be ready to help me,
        for I have chosen your precepts.
    I long for your salvation, O Lord,
        and your law is my delight.
    Let me live that I may praise you,
        and let your ordinances help me.
    I have gone astray like a lost sheep; seek out your servant,
        for I do not forget your commandments

                                        Psalm 119:169-176






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    A pastor in Seoul, South Korea has created a “baby box” for people so that people who would otherwise abandon or kill their newborns can leave them somewhere safe instead. The box has a light, a towel lining, and a bell rings as soon as a baby is placed in it so the pastor, his wife, or one of his staff can come and get it right away.

    Lee Jong-rak started the box in 2009, and has welcomed all babies, often disabled or the children of single mothers, that have been placed in the box since. The babies are given a loving home, food, and shelter in his orphanage. Currently, an average of 17-18 babies are placed in the box every month. 

    One mother who had considered poisoning her baby before she heard about the Baby Box left her baby in the box with a letter pinned to his clothing that read: 

    ‘My baby! Mom is so sorry.
    I am so sorry to make this decision.
    My son! I hope you to meet great parents,
    And I am very very sorry.
    I don’t deserve to say a word.
    sorry, sorry, and I love you my son.
    Mom loves you more than anything else.
    I leave you here because I don’t know who your father is.
    I used to think about something bad but I guess this box is safer for you.
    That’s why I decided to leave you here.
    My son, Please forgive me.’

    - ‘A single mother’s tearful letter’

    Lee Jong-rak is the subject of a documentary called “The Drop Box”, which I haven’t seen - but I can recommend this 13 minute Dateline video. You can find the Facebook page for the BabyBox here.


    aww wow! thank God for this man, for saving these innocent lives

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